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Are you ready to live your adventure…….to take the plunge?” We were gearing up for the gruelling climb to the summit of a 20,000+ ft peak in the Himalayas and this question kept reverberating in my mind as we commenced our hike at midnight. It was the full moon and night of a lunar eclipse, as we crossed the glacier and started the steep ascent towards the summit ridge, I was panting and my mind was getting blurred ....”can you do it after so many years?” On the ridge the body had given up, it was only the mind and we kept chugging up and ahead, roped up and in unison. On the summit we took the plunge and Reccy was born.

  • How do we find our next adventure?
  • Which is the best one for getting together with college buddies?
  • Where can I initiate my daughter to hiking and bond with her?
  • How do I find the best operators and guides?
  • How can I find a hidden gem, away from the crowd?
  • Am I overpaying? Can I rely on the guide? What all are not covered in the price?
  • What kind of fitness regime do I need to follow?
  • Who can tell me what to carry, what gear and shoes I need? Can these be rented?
  • Do I have the time to research all these and find the best travel and lodging options?

We were all young adventurers in college - doing mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, paragliding, skiing - and then got busy with our professions….. with pharma research, in the Air Force, designing and erecting steel plants, developing software, in investment banking and private equity….and then we came back together to indulge in our passion again. But planning an adventure trip can be arduous, we struggled with these questions everytime we wanted to go out of our comfort zones again.

Hence our mission is to make it easier to search, compare, plan and book the best adventures worldwide…...so that we get inspired to Cross the Line.