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Top Adventure Hubs.

Discover and plan a trip to one of the world's top adventure towns

We love small charming towns….often tucked in a valley, or perched on a hilltop, may be nestled at the foothills of a massive mountain range, sometimes located in a remote island, or probably acting as a gateway to a jungle, a volcano that you can climb or an ancient ruin. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, these are the towns you want to spend your time in. Here you can find a comfortable stay at a boutique hotel, hostel or homestay, mingle with fellow adventure lovers at local cafes and bistros, sort out your gear and embark on your next hike, backcountry skiing trip, or a mountaineering expedition if you are looking for an extreme adventure, or you may decide to experience a multitude of day activities such as paragliding, rafting, diving, via ferrata or even a laid back tour to a local cultural centre or a glacier. At Reccy, we specialize in such adventure hubs, by providing you with a wide choice of adventures and activities that you can undertake from the hubs as well as by helping you plan and book travel and lodging options which can be a bit cumbersome as these hubs are often located far from metro cities and international airports.

Curated List of Adventures for your Mission.

Get inspired by the best adventures for your mission

Being adventure enthusiasts ourselves, we list only the top adventure trips and activities in each hub, those that inspire us to plan our next active, outdoor vacation. The conventional way to explore adventures is by activity type: hiking, rafting, mountaineering, via ferrata, backcountry skiing etc.. However, we believe that while searching for our next adventure, we all have a mission in mind. It may be bonding with your partner, going on a challenging expedition, experiencing a high-altitude trek, combining thrill with luxury, finding a budget trip or a quick weekend trip, or initiating kids to their first active vacation. Hence, we have organized the adventure trips by geography, i.e., by hub, country and region, by activity type, but most importantly by missions that you possibly have in your mind.

Choice and Comparison.

Book trips offered by the top global and local operators.

We are not here trying to sell a few trips from our inventory, our goal is to inspire you to search and find your next adventure, and once you have found that, to provide you with options offered by the best global and local operators for that adventure. We realize that the best way to narrow down on a bookable trip option is to compare them based on a few important parameters: price, duration, itinerary, inclusions and independent reviews and ratings. We enable you to do just that so that you can book the trip with much greater conviction.

Planning and Preparation.

Travel, accommodation, gear, insurance, fitness, visa, permits all under one roof.

Unlike a regular touristy vacation, once you have decided to embark on an adventure trip, it entails a lot of planning and preparation. Depending on the adventure you have chosen, you may need to exercise regularly to attain the desired fitness level. We provide you with the skill and fitness guide that you need to follow for your chosen adventure. Many activities require specialized gear, shoes, clothing and activity insurance. We do our own research and empower you with options to buy and/or rent these. Through our comprehensive checklist we also highlight if you need any travel document such as visa or permit for undertaking the trip. Finally, to make sure that you do not get bogged down researching how to reach or where to stay in the hub, we provide you with multiple options to book your transport to the hub and for your stay at the hub.