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6 December, 2020 | Reccy Guide

Travel insurance is hugely important. When traveling to a foreign country you must have insurance to deal with the unexpected. For example, your luggage could be stolen, or you could fall ill or have an accident which results in hospital fees – travel insurance covers these unforeseen events.
But what about activity-related injuries? What happens if you are skiing or snowboarding and have a fall? Does standard travel insurance cover such events? Are there any specialist insurance providers available to cater for travel activities? We answer these questions below and look at activity insurance:

What is activity insurance?
If you like a walk on the wild side and enjoy extreme sports and activities, activity insurance could be ideal. Activity insurance is also often called sports insurance. It is a specialist type of travel insurance that covers a range of exciting pursuits that most standard travel insurers will not cover.

What is typically covered?
Activity insurance typically covers a range of sports and outdoor pursuits – this could be solo ventures or part of a group tour, for example. Typically, when embarking on a group tour, the operator should have insurance. The following are examples of some activities that are covered:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Water skiing
  • Parasailing
  • White water rafting
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Marathon

In addition to covering specific sporting activities, this type of insurance often includes medical cover, cancellation cover, access to emergency helplines, and legal expenses.

What to look for when choosing activity insurance?
When looking for an activity insurance provider, you must first obviously look at what activities and sports they cover. You can usually find a comprehensive list of the activities covered – be sure to check this carefully and find specifically the sport you want to be covered for.

Aside from the basic activity, you must also look for the following:

  • Personal excess
  • Medical fee coverage
  • Legal fee coverage
  • Equipment insurance
  • Evacuation, including by air
  • Limitations of altitude

The personal excess is the amount (if any) that you would have to contribute first before the insurance coverage kicks in – it is important to understand this as it can affect your overall policy price.
In addition, also look for what different fees are covered in the policy. The most important is medical fees and legal fees. What would be the point of purchasing an activity insurance policy if it didn’t cover medical fees? Look at the overall value that is covered and consider this against typical medical costs for the country you are visiting – this does require a little extra research.
Finally, some activity insurance providers also offer equipment insurance. This is hugely beneficial if you are taking equipment with you on your travels – like skis, a bicycle, or a snowboard, for example. This equipment is often extremely expensive, therefore having insurance for it too is a huge benefit.

Why choose activity insurance?
Activity insurance is vital as most standard travel insurance policies do not cover sports and extreme activities. Furthermore, if any are covered, the policy is not tailored towards the activity and the medical expenses may be limited.
If your trip centers around a particular event – like a skiing holiday, for example, it is beneficial to seek specialized insurance. You can then rest assured that you are covered properly and that if anything does happen, you don't have to fight a battle with the insurer who may try to claim that the activity wasn't covered.
Activity insurance leaves no room for contention and offers peace of mind. Importantly, most operators require adventure participants to have an activity insurance policy, as a prerequisite.

Does standard travel insurance cover these activities?
You may wonder why you can’t just purchase standard travel insurance? In most cases, standard travel insurance covers a limited number of activities and sports, if any at all. If they do cover activities, the cost is usually inflated.
This is why it is preferable to purchase dedicated activity insurance – these companies are equipped to deal specifically with sports and activities and therefore can offer better rates, and tailored service than standard travel insurance providers.

Which are the best activity insurance plans around the world?
To find the best activity insurance, it is recommended to use a comparison site like Compare the Market or Money Supermarket. Alternatively, there are some well-known insurance providers around the world. We have listed some of these below:





Some of these providers like Adventures Cover and Snowcard are specifically activity insurance providers. Others offer both standard travel insurance, and specialized packages or add-ons for sports insurance and activity insurance.

We hope you have found this guide beneficial. Do not underestimate the importance of activity insurance. It is better to be prepared and properly covered if your trip centers around sporting activities or outdoor pursuits.

Activity insurance does this comprehensively – it provides full coverage where standard travel insurance policies would not. This gives you a safeguard in the event that you have an accident or injury whilst taking part in an activity.

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