Best Himalayan Treks To Explore In 2022

11 July, 2022 | Reccy Guide

Trekking in the Himalayas is a lifelong dream come true for many trekkers. These treks pass through some of the most treacherous landscapes and provide you with the experience of trekking with some of the highest mountains as your backdrop. Trekking enthusiasts will get a full taste of the rich biodiversity and serene climate of the Himalayan mountains. They will also be able to witness the local culture in close quarters while also enjoying the peace of the wilderness.

As one travels through the width of the Himalayas one can witness the variety of sceneries that are associated with each region. Ladakh in the north is famous for its dry and barren lands, whereas the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are known for their holy treks and picturesque landscapes. As we move further east we come upon the state of Sikkim which provides you with breathtaking views and gives you the closest experience to the treks in Nepal.

Some things to consider before you begin your trek

Before taking a deep dive into the natural beauty of the Himalayas we need to consider certain key points in mind:

Choosing the correct trek

Selecting a trek that is best suited to your level of expertise will ensure that you enjoy the experience thoroughly without putting any sort of undue peril on your body.

Conduct proper research on your trek

Doing the proper research before going on the trek will allow you to plan accordingly and prevent any mishaps. A lot of material can be found online which can be referred to understand the local landscape and culture.

Choose a guide or a tour package

Good guides and reliable tour packages will make your stay comfortable and save you in times of emergency.

Always keep some days in hand

Sometimes things can go against your plans, thus it is important to have some buffer days in case of need. Make your travel plans accordingly.

Physical and mental preparation

You should be in good shape both physically and mentally before going on a trek. Some of them can be pretty grueling and intensive. Putting in some physical training is always suggested before making the trip.

Appropriate packing

Make sure to pack adequately and do not carry extra things as it will only add to the weight that you will have to carry. Get proper clothing and footwear which are durable and suited for trekking.

If you are a trekker by heart, here is a list of best Himalayan treks:

Valley of Flowers trek

Anybody in love with flowers will have a sensory overload as they cover the course of this trek. Located in the heart of Uttarakhand beside the Nanda Devi Biosphere it is one of the oldest known treks in India. The valley of flowers was declared a National Park by the Government of India in 1980 and since then, it has remained popular among the trekking faithful.

The trek to Valley of flowers is a moderate-level trek and requires a time duration of 6 days to complete. During the hike, trekkers will be able to reach a height of (4390 M). The average cost of the trek ranges between USD 110-120 (INR 8450- 10500) per person. All prices are exclusive of GST. The age limit permitted for the hike is between 8 to 55 years, with good physical condition.

The hardest part of the trek is when you head out of the Hemkund Sahib gurudwara which is the highest gurudwara in the world. It will present you with the spellbinding beauties of lush green valleys and majestic waterfalls while getting a bird’s eye view of the Valley of flowers national park.

Kedarkantha Trek

Unlike the other treks which can be undertaken in the summer, the Kedarkantha trek is primarily a winter trek. It comprises a six-day hike through the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. This is a trek that comprises a summit climb. Right from the beginning the steep climb rewards with magnificent views of the nearby valleys and deep gorges. It is one of the few beginner-friendly summit climbs that exist in India.

The Kedarkantha trek is considered to be a moderate one and requires around 6 days to complete. The highest distance achieved during this trek is (3810 M). The average cost for this trip is USD 125-145(INR 9750-11500) per person. All prices are exclusive of GST and the basic travel costs. Generally, people within the age limit of 8 to 55 years can travel on this trek.

Chadar Trek

Another trek situated in Ladakh the frozen Chadar Trek holds great wonders and magnificent sceneries for those who wish to scale its mighty heights. The trek is a grueling test of your strength and endurance in sub-zero temperatures. If you can withstand all this you will be rewarded with a close-up view of the culture of the people living in the Zanskar region. It feels like a trip to the North pole with food and rations being carried on sleds and living inside caves.

The Nerak Waterfall is grand in its size besides being a completely frozen waterfall. To experience such grand sights one needs to visit this trek during the months of mid-January to mid-February. It is a 9-day trip that reaches the highest point (3500 meters).

Since this is also a winter trek the best time to go for this trip would be around January and February. This being said these are dangerous treks that ride some very treacherous paths and should be researched properly in advance.

The average cost of a person undertaking this trek comes around USD 310-330(INR 24150-26000). The trail starts from the picturesque location of Leh and ultimately returns to Leh. The most difficult aspect of this trek is facing harsh winter conditions.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Queen of all treks in India, the great Kashmir lakes trek is certainly one of the most beautiful treks in India if not the world. The trek takes place in the northwest of Srinagar and it provides various cinematic shots and panoramas of nature that are bound to leave you captivated nonetheless. This can generally be placed under the category of moderate to difficult treks. This is due to the fact of huge distances are covered per day at such high altitudes. Thus one should be aware of their physical condition before undertaking this trek.

The trek begins in the city of Srinagar and the trekkers are taken to the base camp from here. The general pricing of the trek amounts to  USD 230-250(INR 18000- 20000) per person and one can expect to reach a maximum height of (4206M) during this trek. The trek will provide you with a lifetime of memories to cherish as you will witness nature at its pristine best.

Trekking in the Himalayan terrain is an experience that you will cherish for your life. That said, trekking can have two different aspects, one being an exercise and the other one being a journey full of learning and experiencing new things. Thus you can expect visible changes in your fitness as well as sharp improvements in your personality. Hence everyone should try out some treks during their lifetime.

As much as you gain from your experience you must return something. In this case that something is respect, respect for the valleys, the native people, the environment, the biodiversity, and the Himalayan culture. Don’t litter in the woods and throw away your garbage and damage the local flora. Try to preserve the natural elements of your trek allowing others also to soak in the beautiful experiences. Always remember to conduct proper research before going on a trek. This will provide the best experience for you.

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