Budget Friendly Himalayan Treks Under INR 10,000

4 July, 2022 | Reccy Guide

Trekking is the activity of traveling solo or preferably in groups, through picturesque, mountains and mighty valleys, to experience and appreciate nature at its finest. You could set up tents or stay at pre-setup camps, and enjoy the campfire while sitting under a galaxy of stars and breathing in the cool and pure night air.

Along with the local flora and fauna, one is also able to witness the culture and lifestyle of the local people and experience the local and healthy food. Trekking helps us appreciate nature at its finest and is a nice getaway from your busy schedule.

If you are just starting trekking, it can be quite easy to get sucked in by the highly expensive trips and the essentials associated with this activity, not to mention the ridiculous travel costs not included in the trekking packages. Well, there is nothing to worry about as this article is specific as to how you can gain some valuable experiences and create lifelong cherishable memories without breaking your bank balance.

Steps to Plan Your Trekking Budget

You can avail a lot of budgets offers just by following these simple tricks:

Plan Ahead

Planning always saves you money. Whether it be catching early bird offers across various trekking packages, or flight and hotel bookings. Booking early will always allow you to avoid the rush and give you the most peaceful and budget-friendly experience. Try to avoid peak seasons as this is generally the time when costs will be at an all-time high this will not affect your experience by much.

Pack only What is Necessary

Packing extra can be detrimental to the trip. Spend some time selecting the things that will be essential for your trip, and try to collect them at a discounted price. Carrying less has two advantages. First, it is friendly on the budget and secondly one should remember that you will be carrying everything on your shoulders during the hike. Hence loading in extra stuff can hamper your trekking experience.

Conduct Thorough Research

Before any kind of trek, you should make yourself familiar with the surroundings and absorb as much information as possible about the trek. Since you will be traveling into the wilderness, it is always suggested to be aware of your surroundings. This being said, try to reach your starting point two days earlier and get yourself acclimatized to the weather. This can be crucial during your trek.

Some Essentials to Checklist While Packing

Here is a list of essentials that you must carry on your trek:

Clothes and Footwear

Always pack comfortable clothes over fashionable ones. Remember that the climate in the mountains can be quite harsh and thus one should pack effectively against it. Also, pick a durable, waterproof, and comfortable shoe with a good grip. These will be your best ally during the long and dangerous hikes.

Backpack and utility items

A sturdy backpack will be with you 24*7  giving you things that you will need during your trek. Hence choosing a spacious and easy-to-carry backpack that is waterproof is vital. Also, you can look for backpack covers that will save your bag against harsher climates.


Other than these things you can also carry torches, pocket knives, an extra set of batteries, and your camera are some other items that you can carry. Always remember to not pack excessive stuff and keep your luggage to the bare minimum.

Best Budget-Friendly Himalayan Treks

Valley of Flowers Trek:

Situated in the heart of Uttrakhand the “Phoolon ki Ghati” or Valley of flowers trek is one of the most heavenly experiences for all the anthophilous people out there. The trek takes you up to a height of (3600 m) and provides you with the unique opportunity of sighting the blue Primula flower which is extremely rare. Its UNESCO World Heritage status from 2002 has placed it at the forefront of the trekking community globally.

It is a moderate-level trek and the challenge can be taken by beginners as well, with some preparation. It is extremely budget-friendly and tour packages can range from USD 105-115( INR 8450- 9000) per person. These charges are not inclusive of GST. Also, other facilities such as a cloakroom and rental gear can be availed along with the trek package. The trek generally has a duration of 6 days.

The trek starts from the holy town of Rishikesh and the trail will follow via Govindghat, Poolna, Ghangaria, to Hemkund Sahib, and back. The Hemkund Sahib climb is the most challenging aspect of this trek. You will be required to carry a proper identification card and keep track of your surroundings during the trip.

Hampta Pass Trek:

Everyone has heard of the rich beauties of Kullu and Manali. Well, you will be thrilled to know that the Hampta Pass trek crosses right between the lush green valleys of Kullu-Manali and the barren landscapes of Chandra Valley. Thus the Hampta pass trek provides a unique mixture of landscape and scenery which is pretty rare during treks. The Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti are the three passes that are scattered across this beautiful trek.

The Hampta Pass trek has made it up on this list as the average cost of a person for this trek is USD 150-170( INR 12000 - 14000) per person. One can expect to reach the maximum height of (4270 M).

The trek will start from the town of Jobra in Himachal Pradesh. You will cross the pine forests en route to Chika and the trail will lead you to Balu ka Ghera. Be sure to drink in all the beautiful scenes that nature is throwing at you till you reach the Hampta Pass which is the destination of this trek. Here you will get the unique opportunity to view the bigger-than-life Pir Panjal Range which will dominate the landscape. This trek is of moderate difficulty.

Kedarkantha Trek:

An easy to moderate level trek, the Kedarkantha trek is often confused with the Kedarnath temple but is anything but that. This 6-day-long trek is located in the heart of the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park near Dehradun. The trek offers a rich diversity of flora and fauna which will overload your senses. It is one of the most popular treks in India due to its easy to moderate level of difficulty.

The Kedarkantha trek requires an average price of USD 125-145 (INR 9750-11500) and thus can be enjoyed by everyone. The highest point of the trek stands at (3810 m). The trek begins from Dehradun and you travel to Kotgaon. From here the trail leads up to Khujaai to Dhokka and Mohlani via the Kedarkanath summit which is the highlight of the trek.

Final Thoughts

Following the basic tricks mentioned in this article, you will easily be able to create some of the best memories of your life, memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Other than that the article speaks about some key essentials that one should carry, while trekking.

Always remember to take care of your health and prioritize your fitness over anything else. Finally, the last section speaks about the different budget treks one that one can begin their trekking journey with. All of these are handpicked and contain some of the most stunning visuals.

One should be careful that while you are trekking you should take care of your environment and not litter the campsite or other areas. Spreading pollution will not only harm the experience of future tourists but also destroy nature.

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