Paragliding in Innsbruck: Admire the Tirolean mountains from the top

23 June, 2020 | Reccy Guide

The beauties of Innsbruck and its region can be enjoyed from the ground, but there is no other way to appreciate its vastness and splendor than by flying over it. Getting a bird’s-eye view of the mountains around is a spectacle that not many experience, but that will stay with you forever. What better way to get this feeling than jumping for a tandem paragliding flight? 

Is paragliding for me?

Attached to a parachute and to your instructor, you will run off the cliff and jump towards the gorge below. Before you know it, you will be flying over the treetop and feeling freer than you ever have before. Your instructor will be guiding the paraglide, so you will just be seating and enjoying the views. While you do not need technical skills, you do need to be in good physical shape. Indeed, there is always a weight limit to take part in a flight – often of 120kg. There is no age limit, however, so children are welcome.

Paragliding in Innsbruck

Paragliding near Innsbruck means that you will be flying over the beautiful Stubai valley and its famous glacier and get incredible views over the Karwendel mountain range. Are you ready for the experience? This is what your adventure will look like.

Before the flight

Your tour operator will come pick you up in a shuttle and bring you to the mountain where you will be jumping from. It is also possible that they will require you to meet them at the valley station of the respective flying area. If that is the case, you will then go uphill with the cable cars or with a shuttle. Most of the paragliding flights around Innsbruck will require you to start from the ElferBahnen Neustift station. Once at the take-off point, you will receive a security briefing and your instructor will equip you. Your tour company will be providing all required material, and the only thing you will have to worry about is your clothing. It is recommended that you wear hiking boots or sneakers, long pants, and a jacket – it can get chilly up in the air! Gloves might also be necessary depending on the weather conditions. You can paraglide all year long around Innsbruck, and the temperatures in winter can go down dramatically. No matter the season, however, the weather conditions need to be good, so your appointment will always be confirmed a couple of days before the set date.

The Flight

It’s time to take off! Start running until you take off – it’s really easy so enjoy the moment. The views you will get of the Tyrolean mountains are unbelievable and the emotions you will be experiencing are once in a lifetime. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are looking for even more thrills, let your instructor take some steep turns and fly you upside down! The flying time is about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. Some companies may offer longer flights for an additional price, so make sure to check you’re your tour operator what their options are. Unfortunately, the flight must come to an end… When it is time to land, you will only have a few steps to run. Feeling the ground under your feet will feel bitter-sweet, and all the memories made during that flight will last a lifetime. 

Tandem paragliding really is an experience that you will not forget, and to make the memories last longer, you can take a photo and video option during your flight so your instructor can snap a few of your smiles up in the air. In any case, you can be sure that admiring the Tirolean mountains from above is something that will not disappoint and that will give you the urge to discover more of it, on foot this time.

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