Hampta Pass Trek – A Beautiful Corridor in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas

1 March, 2022 | Reccy Guide

The Hampta Pass Trek is one of the lesser-known Himalayan treks in India. Nonetheless, it is an amazing adventure that takes you through some jaw-dropping landscapes of the Pir Panjal rang in Himachal Pradesh. You will hike through lush valleys, see wild flowers and waterfalls, and experience many hidden wonders on your journey. Read on to find out more about this epic trek!

The Hampta Pass – A Nature Lover’s Delight Hidden in the Himalayas

First, lets look at the Hampta Pass and the secrets it holds. This is a corridor that sits between the Chandra Valley and the Kullu Valley at an altitude of 14,039ft. The name of this pass is derived from the small village of Hampta that can be found along the route.

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This mountain pass offers a diverse landscape and some varied nature and geographical features. For example, you can see beautiful wildflowers and herbs growing at altitudes of 3800m.

Also, there are several dense forests made primarily of pine trees. You will also experience gorgeous rhododendron forests, meadows, lakes, and waterfalls. It really is a fantastic mix of countryside features and mountainous landscapes. Oftentimes the trek is also extended to include the amazing Chandra Taal lake which is a breath-taking site in it’s own right.

What to Expect from the Hampta Pass Trek Itinerary?

Manali is the typical starting point for Hampta pass trekking. Manali is a lovely Himalayan resort town that has some excellent facilities, hotels, and amenities. Bhuntar Airport is the closest internal airport for Manali and you can get regular flights to her from New Delhi. From Bhuntar, it is 31m to Manali.

After this, there is usually a short drive from Manali to Jobra. Jobra is the actual starting point where you will first start hiking. This is a scenic 2-hour drive that snakes up the side of the mountain range. From here, you will then start the exciting three-day hike to and through the Hampta Pass. Typical stops include Chika, Balu Ka Ghera, Sagoru, and Chandra Taal.

During the first half of the trek, you will experience a greater abundance of nature and wildlife at the lower altitudes. Here you will cross numerous rivers and streams, and also see some amazing waterfalls. There is also a brilliant stretch between Chika and Balu Ka Ghera that is lined with dwarf Rhododendron trees. The hiking here has a decent ascent, but it should not be too tricky.

The next section is the climb to the Hampta Pass. This is more challenging and during the summer, you can expect the entire place to be covered in snow. Once at the top you have amazing views of the surrounding region and can then start your descent to the Siagoru campsite. Oftentimes the trek also includes a hike or drive to Chandra Taal Lake. This is also known as the moon lake and is one of the most beautiful spots in this region.

The Hampta Pass Trek best time is generally between the months of June to September. This is a trek that is available for nearly 6 months of the year which is rare for the Himalayas. Also, the Hampta Pass Trek cost is typically around 9,500-10,000 rupees (130-135 USD). Please note that this is just the cost for the trek – travel to Manali would have to be included extra in your Hampta Pass Trek budget. Within this cost the accommodation is included for the camping days, and transport to and from the starting/end point of the hike.

Overall, this is an amazing tour that gives you insight into the lesser Himalayas. Sites like the Chatru campsite, Chandra Taal Lake, and the epic ascent of the Hampta Pass will stay ingrained in your memory for a lifetime.

How Long Does it Take to do the Hampta Pass Trek?

The Hampta pass is one of the shorter available Indian Himalayan treks. Total itinerary time can vary from 4 to 6 days depending on how far you go, and what is included. Either way, the first and last days of the tour are usually spent driving to and from the starting location of Manali. In-between this, you will typically get 3 days spent in the Hampta Pass hiking.

How Hard is the Hampta pass Trek?

This trek in the state of Himchal Pradesh is classified as easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. During the course of the hiking days, you will typically cover a total distance of 26km with a maximum altitude of 14,100ft. Beginners can easily complete this trek. However, it is advised that you have a good level of physical fitness. Also, it is not advisable for people with asthma or heart conditions to take this trek.

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