Mera Peak Climbing – Highest Trekking Peak in Nepal

7 February, 2021 | Reccy Guide

The Himalayas are comprised of roughly 50 mountains, each of which has its own unique structure and allure for visitors. Trekkers, climbers, and mountaineers of various skill levels make their way to these fantastic peaks on quest for adventure. Mera Peak is one such mountain.

The Mera Peak climbing excursion gives you the opportunity to summit the highest trekking peak in Nepal, which stands at 6,476 m. This trip lasts 18 days and covers 125 km. It’s also the perfect introduction to climbing higher peaks in the area. While most visitors spend time in the Khumbu region, Mera Peak is located in the Arun Valley.

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This area is much less traveled and gives trekkers the option to see one of the most pristine and well-preserved routes through Nepal. Another benefit of this trip is that technical climbing skills aren’t required for an enjoyable or successful trip. Instead, mountaineers must rely on stamina and endurance throughout the trek or summit.

climbing route on Mera peak

Most international travelers first fly into Kathmandu, then head for Lukla. The flight into Lukla is world-famous for its beauty and thrill as the short runway runs uphill on a cliffside. After you land, you can head for either Paiuy or Chutanga.

The Mera Peak Climbing itinerary forms a loop, and you can choose which direction to head at your discretion. The option presented here is more popular because it allows for slower acclimatization. Keep in mind that, should you book with one, most tour companies follow only one route. Also, the prices for this trip are much steeper than others in the region, which may be prohibitive for some travelers.

For our purposes, your first destination will be Paiyu. As you angle to the east, you’ll cross a high pass call Pangoom La, which lies at 3,274 m. The path winds through striking rhododendron forests and alongside alpine lakes as you travel through Tangnah and onto the destination point of Mera Base Camp.

Along the way, you can expect to stay in traditional lodgings called teahouses. These teahouses are local establishments run by families from the village. You can find hot meals and beds, with amenities like hot showers or charging electronics usually costing extra. It’s quite common for trekkers to get to know one another and the resident family during mealtimes.

Mera Base Camp is located in Khare, and it provides the only deviation from teahouse lodgings. Most trekkers opt to camp outside the night before summitting the peak to allow for early rising and departure. You’ll be able to rest at 4,800 m, surrounded by glaciers and bundled up below the snow-capped peak.

view during the climb

When it’s time to summit Mera Peak, you’ll  need ropes, harnesses, crampons, and axes. It usually takes half a day to climb the summit. Once you do, you’ll be treated to incredible views of five Himalayan wonders. This includes Everest (8,850 m), Makalu (8,481 m), Chamlang (7,329 m), Baruntse (7,129 m), and Nau Lekh (6,360 m).

Before the sun has set, you’ll return to Khare for a good evening’s rest. The final handful of days will guide you back down into the Arun Valley. You’ll trek through Khote, pass through Zatrwa La, and descend into Chutanga. This portion of the trip is largely marked by extensive views of terraced farmlands surrounding small villages. Finally, you’ll walk into Lukla, board the plane, and descend to Kathmandu once again.

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