Discover the Swiss Alps through hikes near Zermatt

23 June, 2020 | Reccy Guide

There’s no denying the draw of the Swiss Alps. These spectacular mountains have attracted climbers and trekkers for centuries. The stunning vistas, sky-scraping peaks, and physical challenge of summiting a peak is truly a marvel. However, not everyone wishes to summit a mountain peak. Plenty are content with enjoying a trip through the beautiful landscape, sometimes with children in tow.

If you’re searching for a shorter, easier, or more family-friendly adventure, you’re in luck. The town of Zermatt is located at the base of the Pennine Alps. This town serves as the launch point for countless summer day trips. Each has its own rewards and special views. Here are seven of the most popular. 

Zermatt Summer Hikes – something for everyone

1. The Crystal Trail. This hike takes most people around 2 hours to complete and is rated as moderate. The 5.4 kilometer gravel trail leads from Lake Stellisee. This pristine alpine lake lies before the great Matterhorn peak. On a clear day, the pyramidal summit is perfectly reflected in the still blue water. Enjoy a picnic shoreside before you head back.

2. The Arigscheis Trail. This trail is rated as hard, due to its 9 kilometer length and 900-meter ascent. If you’re up for the challenge, this hike provides ample opportunities to see eagles. In fact, “ari” means eagle in the local dialect. The path travels through territory where the birds nest and roost, and provides views of Mettelhorn and Aeschlorn. 

3. The Chamois Trail. Another moderately difficult hike, this 5.7 kilometer hike involves descending nearly 900 meters. The trail is named after the local wildlife. Chamois are horned goat-antelopes that live in the area. Hikers are strongly encouraged to stay on the path and walk quietly. If you do so, you’ll almost certainly see at least a couple Chamois on your trip, or even an entire herd. The protected Edelweiss plant also flourishes along this path.

Picture Postcard scenery in Day Hikes from Zermatt

4. The Circular Hike to the Europaweg Skywalk. This trail is 8.6 kilometers in length and has a 100-meter change in elevation, which earns it the rating of moderate difficulty. After traveling through larchwood forests, hikers reach the 494-meter-long Europaweg Skywalk (formally the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge). It’s the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. It’s totally safe for families to access. However, at 100 meters above the valley floor, it’s ideal for those who are unafraid of heights.

5. The Climate Audio Trail. For those who like to mix adventure with education, this is a great option. This hike is 8 meters in length and ascends 500 meters. It’s rated as hard owing to the need for crampons to negotiate ice patches. Before departing, hikers can collect handheld audio guides or download a podcast episode. There are 45 minutes of audio that describe that changing climate of the Alps. The terrain of this trail is largely composed of ice and rock.

6. The 360° Loop Gornergrat Trail. Although this is the easiest hike in the area, it’s well worth the trip. The trail is a half kilometer in length and slopes up very gently. It’s accessible for those with prams and buggies, as well as wheelchair users. This hike leads you to the viewing platform. In front of you, there will be fantastic views of the many 4,000-meter-high peaks of the Pennine Alps. This includes Dufourspitze, the tallest mountain in Switzerland. 

7. The 5 Lakes Trail. This moderately difficult hike involves a 500-meter elevation change and is 9.8 kilometers long. As the name suggests, there are five lakes along the path: Stellisee, Grinjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee. Each has their own unique composition, highlights, and viewpoints. Although it’s a longer hike, this is a popular choice for those with children above age six. Leisee is a great swimming spot, and there’s also a playground by the lake. The Matterhorn is reflected in the clear alpine water.

Summer Day Hike from Zermatt

Regardless of your skill level and hiking expectations, there are countless options to please every individual. There are literally hundreds of trails through the area. If you find yourself looking for more intense hiking experiences, there are plenty of opportunities for longer trips. The Europaweg trail is a popular 2-day excursion. There’s also an option to circumnavigate the Matterhorn over a 6-day period. Whatever you’re seeking, you can certainly find on a hike in the Pennine Alps.

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