Mardi Himal Trek – A Taste of the Himalayas

7 February, 2021 | Reccy Guide

Nepal is home to the beautiful Himalayas, and thousands of travelers visit the region each year to explore their snow-capped peaks. Most of these visitors end up trekking through the Annapurna region and complete Everest and Annapurna Base Camp treks. While these are excellent trips, they’re also long and heavily populated.

For a quieter and shorter excursion, consider going on the Mardi Himal trek. The trip is much more manageable in terms of time and length. The trek typically lasts four or five days and covers 42 km. You’ll also run into far fewer travelers along the way, which adds to the sense of peace and calm around you.

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As an added perk, this trip costs significantly less than more popular treks through the area. This is due largely to the shortened length of this trip and the fact that it’s in a more remote region. Traveling during the fringe months of March and November ensures the fewest crowds and lowest costs.

To begin, you’ll need to reach Pokhara, which serves as the gateway to this region. If you start in Kathmandu, that means booking a 30-minute flight or eight-hour bus ride to reach the city. It’s then another hour or so to reach Kande, the starting point of this trek.

We’d like to note that there are several possible routes for the Mardi Himal Trek Nepal. You can complete a short route (30.5 km) or a long route (52 km). We’re providing an overview of the most common itinerary, which takes trekkers from Kande to Sidhing.

view of the hiking route

Once you depart from Kande, you’ll be plunged into some of the most beautiful fauna in the world. You’ll first head toward Forest Camp, which takes you on a path that winds through forests of rhododendrons, birches, oaks, and hemlocks. You’ll see locals travelling between villages, too.

The accommodations for this trek are teahouses, which is one reason that the Mardi Himal Trek cost is low. These modest lodgings are run and attended to by local families. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and try Nepalese cuisine, in addition to resting up for the next day.

You’ll soon climb above the tree line, where the views change dramatically. As you walk along mountain ridges, you’ll find yourself surrounded by moss, orchids, and lichen. You’ll also have excellent views of Hiunchili and Annapurna South.

Some trekkers do experience altitude sickness as they approach High Camp. This lodging point is often used for a rest day where you can acclimatize to the high altitude. You’ll also be able to enjoy extensive mountain vistas in the daytime, and uninterrupted views of the stars at night.

From High Camp, the climb begins in earnest as you approach 4,500 km, the highest point in this trek. You can stop for tea in a bamboo hut before finally making your way to Mardi Himal Base Camp. Reaching this point provides you with incredible views.

Not only will you enjoy remarkable views of Annapurna I and Machapuccre here, but you’ll also be able to look down on the valley below. There, you’ll see stretches of turquoise glaciers and icy rivers winding their way through the region. Absorb every moment of this experience in the morning and descend down in the afternoon.

View of surrounding peaks during the trek

You’ll spend the evening in Middle Camp and reacclimatize to a lower altitude. Afterward, you’ll trek to Sidhing, the final village in the trek. Buses and jeeps are available to take you back to Pokhara, where you can continue to explore local life or prepare for your next adventure.

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